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Molde offers the perfect combination of flat, rolling, and hilly terrain, and whether you’re a hard-core cyclist or a casual rider, our new, high-quality electric bicycles or regular muscle-powered mountain bikes will let you tame the terrain. You can ride right from town to the trails of Moldemarka recreational lands—a place so beautiful, the Prince of Wales was a regular visitor.

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Molde City

About Molde

People have been living on the northern shore of Romsdalfjord for more than 500 years, drawn to the area’s mild climate, rich natural resources, spectacularly views, and fertile soil. Indeed, the last is thought to have given Molde its name, as that’s just what “mold” means in Old Norse. Today, the small city is a thriving center of adventure, higher education, and trade. From the Varden viewpoint you can enjoy the breathtaking view of 222 mountain peaks, and trails leads in many directions right from town. Sea kayaking is excellent, and there’s trekking, climbing, trail running, hiking, and many other cultural activities to experience, including the city’s famed jazz festival.

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