How fast can I go with the e-bike?

The electric motor cuts at 28-30km/h. It means that with the help of the electric motor you can ride the bike at maximum 30 km/h. Going faster is of course possible, but it requires intense pedaling. In the downhill you can go as fast as you wish.



How does the e-bike work?

Electric bicycles provide help for the rider while paddling. Our e-bikes have four different help functions. The “Eco function” will give you little electric help and it is suitable for horizontal terrain. The “Tour function” will give you moderate electric help and it is best used for terrain with a little inclination. The “Sport function” provides you with high kick from the electric motor and is used for riding up steep hills. Finally, the “Turbo function” gives you full help which is required for the steepest uphill parts. All of these functions are easily set from the steering bar.



Where can I go with the e-bike?

Molde and its surroundings provide a variety of terrain for mountain biking. Our e-bikes are perfectly shaped for mountain and forest trails as they have adjustable suspensions and wide tires providing good grip in all conditions. The Moldemarka just behind the city center provides the perfect conditions to enjoy the excitement of mountain biking.  



What do I need to bring for biking?

We provide helmets and a small repair kit (fastened below the saddle). We usually recommend bringing a small backpack where you have some water or maybe food. In sunny conditions sun glasses also come in handy, while in overcast conditions waterproof pants and rain jacket can be useful.



Do I need previous experience in kayaking in order to take part?

Yes, previous experience is required, and you should have basic knowledge about steering a kayak and good physical shape to paddle.



What do I need to bring for kayaking?

Our kayaks have waterproof compartments, so it is advised to bring a backpack with some water and food, possible some extra dry clothes.



Where does the kayak trip go?

Our guided kayak trips go along the coast from Molde centrum toward the famous Aker Stadium and spectacular Scandic Seilet hotel. During the trip our guides will tell interesting facts and stories about the city.  



Do you provide transport for your hiking trips?

We can arrange transport on request. If you need transport, please include it in your enquiry.



What is your return/cancelling policy?

You can find our terms of conditions when you book one of our services.