Trip to Varden 

Riding to Varden should be at the top of your list when you’re in Molde—it’s the number one rated thing to do in the entire area, according to Trip Advisor readers. Located just above the city center at an altitude of 407 meters, the view from here reveals 222 mountain peaks across Romsdal fjord, and with our brand-new e-bikes, reaching the top is easier than ever! This is what the locals call “Moldepanoramaet,” or the “Molde Panorama”—one of the clearest, most spectacular views on earth. Fill your camera with shots, grab a quick snack in the Vardestua restaurant, and then indulge yourself with an amazing descent back to Molde. 


Trip to Tusten

Have some climbing ambitions? If you want to enjoy an ascent of 705 meters to the top Tusten Ski Resort, quiet and peaceful in the long summer days, this is the trip for you! If 705 in altitude sounds a lot, don’t worry, as our brand new electric e-bikes will make this trip a lot easier. Ambitious cyclists can also take regular mountain bikes (remember to turn on Strava!). The excursion goes past Øverlandsvatnet, a splendid lake tucked into the mountains north of the city, which was the old source for drinkingwater, and there are many sweet singletracks surrounding this lake, one of them which leads you up to the top of the ski area.

If you want to take a break, have a picnic, or just lie back and look for shapes in the clouds, this is the place for it, as the area has plenty of benches and tables. Once you’re at top, the ski slopes unfold beneath you, as well as the surrounding peaks, which will have climbers and ski tourers salivating. And then there’s the descent…which is so spectacular you’re going to want to go back up and do it again. 


Trip to Sekken

How about a little voyage? This trip begins with a 40-minutes ferry ride to Sekken Island —be sure to look back at the view of Molde tucked between water and peaks—which is located in the Romsdalsfjord. As soon as the ferry docks, you can roll right onto the island and head in any direction on a network of dirt and asphalt roads. The total distance is around 20 km, the island is just seven square miles, and yet there many beautiful spots with amazing views. The main road stays close to the coast, but you can also find tracks to the center, where you can experience ride through woods and past rivers and lakes. The circle finishes at the ferry station, where you return to Molde.