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We have serveral recommended bike tours, with something for every taste and style. Want the bike to do the work for you? We got that. Wanna to work up a sweat? Yep, we have that, too. All of these tours take place in the gorgeous Norwegian countryside — a remarkable landscape that makes Molde a unique place in Møre og Romsdal county. Prefer the secret spots or just feel more comfortable going on a tour? Guides are available on request. 





You'll love our ebikes!

Scott E Scale 930 Bosch Active Ebike 17.
With these E-bikes you can enjoy the ultimate experience of mountain biking in the amazing Norwegian wilderness. The bikes are perfectly shaped to mountain biking on different terrains; the 6 cm wide wheels give you perfect grip in all conditions, while the forks can be adjusted according to mountain terrain (suspension travel up to 100 mm) and to smooth terrain (locked suspension). The electric engine is powered by Bosch batteries and has a range of up to 100 km, depending on usage. The electric engine gives you a boost up to 30 km/h and has four different modes: Eco (small boost, for small steepness), Tour (moderate boost, for medium steepness), Sport (big boost, for high steepness), and Turbo (maximum boost for heavy steepness). A more detailed description about the bikes and how to use them efficiently will be provided in our shop. Welcome to Molde, the place for ultimate biking experience! 


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